Sunday, August 2, 2009

privileged cancelled: noooooo.

this website is reporting that privileged has been cancelled.

its my favourite show.
im basically teary right now. 

if any of you haven't watched it your really should.
i'm from australia and i guess this blog is old news to some people but honestly, it is such an amazing show. i've watched it from the beginning and if people would just stick with it they'd realise what a great story the show has and they'd want to follow forever.
it has heart, its about real people that really, in the end, just love each other. 
joanna garcia, ashley newbrough and lucy hale have done an amazing job as the lead actresses!

im devastated. 
and now im worried that they wont bring the dvd out in australia. 

please bring privileged back.

heres a few beautiful pics of the show. 
you know what: i love these two as sisters. they compliment each other. despite being so different; their love is just so unconditional. and thats a beautiful thing when a show can represent that love so well!
the awkwardness was so funny to watch. and so real. 
she always looked so fresh and beautiful on the show!
marco was such an amazing character. and i loved how sage stuck up for him in the last episode - so heartfelt. 
ah and the fashion. amazing. 

bring it back. now
p.s - lucy hale...what a voice!!! beautiful!!!


mojita_yanipot said...

Hi there! Nice blog you have here. =)

I just recently started watching Privileged on ETC and I'm absolutely loving it! =)

mojita_yanipot said...

Oh, and btw, I included your blog in the list of blogs that I follow. Hope you don't mind. :)

Anonymous said...

hey, i like your blog. oh, the privilege is good and i find the two girls cute.. you might want to visit my site too!=_)

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