Saturday, July 25, 2009

dry spell.

dry spell gardening season 2, episode 2 features ewan & deb's amazing terrace house..
brendan moore transforms a courtyard into a green wonderland that is my absolute dream garden!

the window was expanded by about 250% and what a difference that made! they then placed in frameless glass and put an amazing planterbox underneath was planted with an english style array of flowers that blended sooo well!
the beautiful day bed, green floral wall paper and curved wall. 
the daisy wall that i looooved. vertical gardening is so beautiful. p.s that chair is amazing. 
the daisy wall is so amazing up close! i love how the plants spill out over the daisy shape...thats what makes it magical. 
there is no doubt brendan is a genius! 

and its so sustainable and reduces the carbon footprint.....
what could be better?

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